Course : Electrical Engineering in Tamil Nadu

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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras
Indian Institute of Technology Madras I.I.T. Post Office Chennai - 600036 India
Phone : +91 (44) 2257 0509
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B.Tech. Bio Informatics
B.Tech. Bio Technology
B.Tech. Chemical Engineering
B.Tech. Civil Engineering
B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering
B.Tech. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
B.Tech. Electrical Engineering
B.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering
B.Tech. Engineering Physics
B.Tech. Information Technology
B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering
B.Tech. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
B.Tech. Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Dual Degree in Biotechnology
Dual Degree in Chemical Engineering
Dual Degree in Communication Systems ( Electrical Engineering )
Dual Degree in Computer Science and Engineering
Dual Degree in Energy Technology ( Mechanical Engineering )
Dual Degree in Infrastructural Civil Engineering
Dual Degree in Intelligent Manufacturing ( Mechanical Engineering )
Dual Degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Dual Degree in Microelectronics and VLSI Design ( Electrical Engineering )
Dual Degree in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Dual Degree in Product Design ( Mechanical Engineering )
M.Sc. Chemistry
M.Tech. Applied Mechanics
M.Tech. Automotive Engine Technologies
M.Tech. Bio Informatics
M.Tech. Bio Technology
M.Tech. Building Technology and Construction Management
M.Tech. Chemical Engineering
M.Tech. Communication Systems ( Electrical Engg.)
M.Tech. Computational Engineering
M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering
M.Tech. Construction Technology and Management
M.Tech. Control Guidance and Instrumentation ( Electrical Engg.)
M.Tech. Design
M.Tech. Digital Signal Processing ( Electrical Engg.)
M.Tech. Energy Systems Engineering ( Electrical Engg.)
M.Tech. Environmental Engineering
M.Tech. Geotechnical Engineering
M.Tech. Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering
M.Tech. Industrial Mathematics and Scientific Computing
M.Tech. Manufacturing Engineering
M.Tech. Medical Biotechnology
M.Tech. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
M.Tech. Microelectronics and VLSI Design ( Electrical Engg.)
M.Tech. Microwave Electronics
M.Tech. Ocean Engineering
M.Tech. Solid State Technology
M.Tech. Structural Engineering
M.Tech. Thermal Sciences
M.Tech. Transportation Engineering
MBA (Master of Business Administration)
MS Applied Mechanics
MS Biotechnology
MS Chemistry
MS Management
MS Master of Science Entrepreneurship
Ph.D. Applied Mechanics
Ph.D. Biotechnology
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
Ph.D. Chemistry
Ph.D. Civil Engineering
Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Ph.D. Management Studies
Ph.D. Mathematics
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Ph.D. Ocean Engineering
Ph.D. Physics
Deemed University
PSG College of Technology
Post Box No. 1611 Peelamedu Coimbatore - 641004 Tamil Nadu INDIA.
Phone : 422-2572177, 2572477, 2580455, 2578455
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B.E. Automobile
B.E. Bio Technology
B.E. Bio-Medical
B.E. Chemical Engineering
B.E. Civil Engineering
B.E. Computer Science & Engineering
B.E. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
B.E. Electrical Engineering
B.E. Electronics & Communication Engineering
B.E. Fashion Technology
B.E. Information Science & Engineering
B.E. Information Technology
B.E. Mechanical Engineering
B.E. Medical Electronics
B.E. Telecommunication
Anna University, Tamil Nadu