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Department of HIGHER EDUCATION, Government of TRIPURA
The history of Higher Education in the State started with establishment of Maharaja Bir Bikram College in 1947. Subsequently, 22 general Degree colleges as well as one Institute of Advanced Studies in Education, one Govt. College of Art & Crafts, one Govt. Law College, one Govt. Museum, one State Archives and 24 (Twenty four) Public Libraries have been set up in the State with public funding.

The Department of Education (Higher) is entrusted with provision of higher and technical education in the state and development of human resources and taking necessary measures for transforming the society into an ideal knowledge based society, stepping up our capabilities and capacities in various fields of Higher Education in terms of quantitative enrichment of trained manpower in our state.

Notwithstanding constraint of resources, high priority is being attached for development of education in the State. Universalization of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) programme has been taken up for providing preschool education facility to each and every child in the 3-6 years age group through the network of Anganwadi Centers in the State.

This is followed by the Sarve Sikhsha Abhiyan (SSA), for universalizing provision of school education upto Class-VIII to all students. As a result, enrolment in Class-VI increased from 67,489 in 2000 to 77,702 in 2006. Bringing the left out students, checking dropout along with posting of trained teachers in adequate strength, introduction of science and mathematics streams, accountability of teachers etc have been taken up for improving both quality and quantity of school education. As a consequence, the demand for higher education is growing at a steady rate.

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