General Education:

  • Upgradation of quality of education being imparted by Higher Eclucational Institutions (HEls).
  • Support for assessment and accreditation.
  • Tuition fee waiver for students pursuing higher education in G DCs.
  • Provision of various post matric, NEC etc. scholarships to di ffereiat group of students and also stipend for the girl students.
  • Providing remedial coaching classes for weaker group of students.
  • Stress is given on reforms in curriculum and examination pattern by understanding the need of the students.
  • Encouraging private sector to set up privately managed higher education institutions in the State.
  • Providing vocational/add on courses for overall development and ensuring employability of the students after completion of higher studies.
  • Emphasis is given on provision of adequate infrastructure in the higher education institutions by availing fund under CSS and other sources to ensure adequate and stress free academic enYironinent for the students.
  • The Department is facilitating students to apply for various stipend/scholarships under the scheme. The Help desk in the Directorate and College level are helping students to get such stipend/scholarship and other assistance they need in this regard.
  • For online Grievance Redressal, the students and citizens can upload their Grievances in the centralized PG , portal in the

Technical Education:

  • Enhancement of quality education for technical institutions by facilitating revamping of workshops, labs and recruitment of faculty.
  • Accessing funding for infrastructure development under varioqs technical education related schemes.
  • Technical institutions are encouraged to obtain NBA accreditation for their upgradation of quality.
  • Research projects are being encouraged in the technical institutions for the benefit of the students and faculties.


  • The Department is committed to support training of teachers.
  • The Department is giving emphasis for improving quality education through accreditation process.
  • The Department is he1ping the Colleges/institutions in preparing their institutional development plan by analyzing the availability and deficiency in respect of the infrastructure, faculty etc.-
Commitment of the Department Time frame for disposal
Students Help Desk has been set up in all the Colleges for easy solution to various issues of the students 15 (fifteen) days to one month
A Complaint & Grievances Cell with dedicated complain box has been provided in the Directorate of Higher Education to facilitate smooth disposal of complaints & grievances. 15 (fifteen) days
Disposal of issues related to stipend and scholarship 5 (five) working days
Application of faculties to get no objection for availing passport/visa, leave, attending refresher‘/orientation courses, attending workshop, setuinar etc. 15 (fifteen) working days
Application for educational fair disposal of issues related to conducting 7 (seven) working days
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